Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Dark Halo - Catalyst

A Dark Halo - Catalyst (2006) Heavy Armor Records
Produced by A Dark Halo
Tracks : 1.Burn it all 2.Beyond recall 3.Dust and ashes 4.Silence 5.Formatting 6.Nucleus 7.Apex realized 8.Unbreakable
3,5 out of 5

Phoenix based A Dark Halo sounds like Metallica meets Linkin Park with a symphonic touch and without the rap, this 8 track EP really took me by surprise how well produced it was. This electro metal could be used for a soundtrack album, there´s a certain movie vibe going through these tracks.
"Catalyst" is a package of keyboard driven industrial numetal also close to bands like Destrophy, Opiate For The Masses and Suburban Tribe. You´ll get a varied sounding EP, all from the straight and classic metal of the closing track "Unbreakable" to the synthpop metal of "Silence". I just love the synthesizers in the progressive school of rock on "Nucleus", what a song!

(published at in 2007)

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