Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Day´s Work - A Home in the rain

A Day´s Work - A home in the rain (2006) Dawa Music
Produced by A Day´s Work
Tracks : 1.A new line 2.My ambulant caress 3.What you believe in 4.Welcome home 5.Words of goodbye 6.Days go by 7.Become 8.Open up my eyes 9.Runaway 10.My sad day ends
4,5 out of 5

After their debut full length in 2002 and an EP in 2004, the Dutch progrock band A Days Work deliver a true masterpiece with their new album "A Home in the rain".
Their sound is somewhere between Marillion (the Steve Hogarth era), Ray Wilson and Simple Minds - it could be a helluva lot worse if you ask me.....woooahyeah - this is the kinda album I want Santa to bring me for x-mas but my good friend Tonnie supported me with a cdr of it a few weeks back and I thank him so much because I´m speechless.
Singer Paul Glandorf is brilliant and sounds like a mix of Steve Hogarth and Jim Kerr, he´s backed up by the supertight band of Wouter Schild - bass, Maarten Apel - guitar, Martijn Weyburg - guitar, Colin Lee Vermeulen - drums and Len van de Lak - keyboards. A marvelous production and a magnificent line up of songs will put this album high on my best of 2006 list.
I just love the fat bass of this album, the mighty Taurus pedals has yet again spoken!

(published at in 2006)

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