Friday, July 19, 2013

A Life Away - From everything

A Life Away - From everything (2005) Independent
Produced by A Life Away
Tracks : 1.Cloud 8 2.Different side of you 3.Chyna´s ashes 4.Kill this 5.Last fall 6.Sad bye as hope dies 7.Sand over stars
2 out of 5

A Life Away is a new young metal band from the southern parts of the states influenced by bands like 36 Crazyfists, Fear Factory and Sevendust.
Their 7 track debut EP sounds more like a demo I´m afraid and it´s a pity because this band got plenty of good material, especially the drum sound is a bit poor - no doubt they can pull off a few earthshaking riffs but I would´ve liked to hear these songs with a better production. I really like the tempo change in "Chyna´s ashes", perhaps also the best track on the EP along with the mammuth heavy "Last fall" and the more melodic "Sand over stars" that could be their way out to the world if they recorded it again with a bigger budget and good producer. They´ve got potential.

(published at in 2005)

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