Friday, July 19, 2013

A Loss For Words - No sanctuary

A Loss For Words - No sanctuary (2011) Rise Records
Produced by Andrew Wade
Tracks : 1.Honeymoon eyes 2.Pray for rain 3.Pirouette 4.Raining excuses 5.The hammers fall 6.The lost cause I used to be 7.No sanctuary 8.JMR 9.Jetsetter 10.Finite 11.Wrightsville beach
3,5 out of 5

Today, if you holler the word emo out loud, the lynch mob gather for a big town meeting to decide if you should go the Khadaffi way or not. This is the most yelled at genre since Swedish raggar rocker Eddie Meduza wrote his "I hate punk song" Punk jävlar. What happened? I mean, like 10 years ago everybody was talking about Sunny Day Real Estate as the first emo band and also critically acclaimed followers like Jimmy Eat World as well as My Chemical Romance. Anyway, I think Boston based A Loss For Words deliver first class emo rock that bring thoughts to Taking Back Sunday and Story of the year. They play a mix of melodic hardcore and pop punk where the choruses are catchy enough to end up on radio, after 2 independent albums their new release "No sanctuary" is the first on Rise Records (From First To Last, Emarosa, Transit). This is a really great album, make no mistake.

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