Saturday, July 27, 2013

Aaron Stanley Kronis - Yours forever

Aaron Stanley Kronis - Yours forever (2005) Stamina Records
Produced by Aaron Stanley Kronis
Tracks : 1.Yours forever 2.I´m sorry 3.Gimme a reason 4.Sedated 5.Hands 2 heaven 6.Six girls ago 7.Gone 8.Fear 9.Luck 10.So sedated 11.Without you 12.Weakness 13.Summer song
3 out of 5

Canadian guitarist Aaron Stanley Kronis new album sounds like nothing he has done before, this time he has recorded an effort that unites the world of guitar rock a la Stevie Salas & Eric Gales and more catchy radio ready modern rock. The result is too good to be left unheard, the album opens really good with the new single "Yours forever" but then it just gets better and better and the second half of the album is a joyride into melodic heaven. His covers of Joe Satriani´s "Summer song" and 80´s band Breathe´s old hit "Hands to heaven" leaves me with nothing more to wish for, truly awesome versions but his own songs "Without you" and "So sedated" rocks big time and with these songs I can only say that Aaron is a damn good songwriter! Highlights : Yours forever, Without you, So sedated

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