Saturday, July 27, 2013

Abandon - EP

Abandon - EP (2008) Forefront Records
Produced by Chris Stevens
Tracks : 1.Providence 2.Be alive in me 3.All because of you 4.Here waiting 5.Atmosphere
4 out of 5

From San Antonio, Texas comes another great band in the same vein as The Killers and Coldplay. Let me introduce you to Abandon and their new digital EP, I am amazed by how well crafted these songs are - they even have a bigger sound than The Killers and Coldplay. The songs might not be as classic as the hits from these 2 gigantic bands but none of the songs on this 5 track EP would be entirely wrong as an album track with The Killers or Coldplay either. You can easily hum along to these songs and the band sure knows how to aim for the sensitive parts of the body, the heart and mind - most people with an urge to hear infectious radio oriented pop / rock will melt when they hear "Providence" or "All because of you". And the other 3 tracks are just as good, the closing track "Atmosphere" even bring thoughts to MuteMath - how cool isn´t that?! More Arena Rock for the world

(published at in 2008)

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