Saturday, July 27, 2013

Abandon Kansas - You build a wall, I´ll build a ladder

Abandon Kansas - You build a wall, I´ll build a ladder (2008) Independent
Produced by Abandon Kansas
Tracks : 1.When did we change 2.You build a wall 3.I´ll build a ladder 4.What if it´s all in my head 5.Minutes 6.By all means 7.February 8.Eat em while they´re blue 9.Patience 10.The message 11.We´re in this together now
3,5 out of 5

I first heard the latest 5 track EP "The Earth Falls Asleep" with this band and immediately knew I had to hear their debut full length "You build a wall, I´ll build a ladder" as well. I was impressed by their frontman Jeremy Spring´s strong vocals, it´s not too often you get to hear a singer this good but Jeremy can carry the songs himself. 4 songs off this album were re-recorded in acoustic versions on the new EP and I loved them so it´s almost like they are getting new life the 2nd time around when I hear these full band versions on "You build a wall". This Christian trio has found a perfect mix between alternative rock and emo, you can describe their sound as a cousin to bands like JamisonParker, Armor For Sleep and The Ataris (their latest album). Great album!

(published at in 2008)

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