Sunday, July 28, 2013

AC/DC - Black ice

AC/DC - Black ice (2008) Columbia Records
Produced by Brendan O´Brien
Tracks : 1.Rocknroll train 2.Skies on fire 3.Big jack 4.Anything goes 5.War machine 6.Smash´n´grab 7.Spoilin for a fight 8.Wheels 9.Decibel 10.Stormy may day 11.She likes rocknroll 12.Money made 13.Rocknroll dream 14.Rocking all the way 15.Black ice
4 out of 5

"Black ice" is the first studio album in 8 years from AC/DC and the below par album "Stiff upper lip" in 2000, the new single "Rocknroll train" is the best single since the 1990 hit "Thunderstruck" from "Razor´s edge". Will this world tour be the last tour with the band?, perhaps you should catch them on this tour just to be safe. What strikes me when I listen to their new album is that the Young brothers and Co sound hungry again, the new album is the most melodic AC/DC album since "Back in black" and their best release in 27 years, it doesn´t beat "For those about to rock" (1981). The first 5 tracks are glowing hot, "Anything goes" sound like a new AC/DC classic but they should´ve left out the 9th track "Decibel" as a b-side instead, it´s a typical "skip-over" track. I just love their background vocals, only ACDC sound like this.

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