Friday, July 19, 2013

Anew Revolution - The revolution EP

Anew Revolution - The Revolution EP (2006) Independent
Produced by Dwight Baker
Tracks : 1.Cave in 2.Rise 3.let go 4.Saddest song 5.Pieces
3 out of 5

This band may be of interest of all fans of the now defunct bands Unloco and Slaves on Dope because Anew Revolution are Frank Salvaggio-Bass, Rob Urbani-Drums (both formerly of Slaves on Dope) and Joey Duenas-Vocals/Guitar (Unloco) plus guitarist Shaun Stockton. This 5 track EP is the result of the new seed they are trying to distribute to the world by themselves without a major label, these songs are more melodic and can be described as tougher modern rock compared to their previous bands that were more numetal.
Imagine a mix between Breaking Point and Soundevice and we´re pretty close to the sound of ANR, they rock hard on "Cave in","Rise" and "Pieces" while they cool down in the best Cold-like song "Let go" and "Saddest song".
They have a track not featured on this EP called "True faith" available for download at their myspace site so head on over there before they take it away. Good EP!

(published at in 2005)

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