Saturday, July 20, 2013

AOR - L.A Reflection

AOR - L.A Reflection (2002) Independent
Produced by Frederic Slama
Tracks : 1.If no one cared 2.Sensation 3.Never gonna let her go 4.So young and innocent 5.A quiet storm 6.How will she find her way back 7.Worlds away 8.Leave her to heaven 9.Dream them away 10.I know you too well 11.Far away from the storm 12.5492 13.Secrets in her heart 14.Never gonna let her go (remix) 15.Listen to your heart 16.Mary Ann
2 out of 5

Frederic Slama has gathered the whole studio mafia on this album. Playing are Michael Ruff, Bruce Gaitsch, Michael Landau, Michael Thompson, Toto and many others. Goran Edman guestsings on a couple of songs and those are the best ones. This westcoast project is a mix of both old songs from the previous albums "L.A concession" and "Next stop L.A" and some new written but the production is very 80´s sounding. New albums of this genre can be counted on one hand so it´s nice to hear these westcoast songs but I feel there´s something big missing......and that´s the material! They are too laid back and sound like "shopping in the mall music" if you know what I mean. But any lover of this type of music will probably enjoy it so get your copy at I´d rather play the records with Maxus and I.Ten, there´s some muscles in that stuff.

(published at in 2002)

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