Monday, July 15, 2013

Diamante - Goodbye

Diamante - Goodbye (2013) Diamond Certified Records
Produced by Diamante / Cody Williams
Tracks : 1.Goodbye
3 out of 5

I reported about teen rocker Diamante already in 2011 on my Under The Radar feature and then did an interview with her in 2012 on my Palace of Rock blog, "Goodbye" is her 4th single and it´s the most rocking song so far from this talented singer. Perhaps the song ain´t as strong as her previous singles "Impossible" and "Panic" but I welcome her more rocking approach on "Goodbye". If you buy all her songs on iTunes you can make yourself a really enjoyable EP but if you´re willing to wait to fall, Diamante will release her debut album very soon. Then I hope her remake of Stevie Nicks´s "Edge of seventeen" will be included on the upcoming album, I´m dying to hear it. More rocknroll to the world and trust me, there´s room for Diamante in that rocking world too. There´s always a place for a modern day Pat Benatar.

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