Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hollow Point Heroes - Hollow Point Heroes

Hollow Point Heroes - Hollow Point Heroes (2013) Independent
Produced by Hollow Point Heroes
Tracks : 1.Wasted time 2.The picture 3.From the inside 4.Cut the ties 5.Sit down, shut up 6.Circus sideshow 7.Someone like you 8.Red light 9.Wake up 10.Calm before the storm 11.Over from the start 12.Better days
3 out of 5

Hollow Point Heroes share the same hometown as Story of the year, Stir, Modern Day Zero and Ludo - namely St.Louis. HPH doesn´t really focus on delivering a unique sound of rock, their self titled debut album contains traditional and mainstream active rock with pop punk flavor. Their sound bring thoughts to Mesh Stl, SR 71 and Acceptance. Even though I find HPH a bit average, they still rock with a few good tunes like "Sit down, shut up", "From the inside" and "Wasted time" so there are reasons to check em out. I can think of many bands that are far worse in this genre, I kinda enjoyed this 12 track album and do believe they deserve to be listened to more than once.

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