Monday, July 22, 2013

Journey - Dream after dream

Journey - Dream after dream (1980) Columbia Records
Produced by Kevin Elson
Tracks : 1.Destiny 2.Snow theme 3.Sandcastles 4.A few coins 5.Moon theme 6.When the love has gone 7.Festival dance 8.The rape 9.Little girl
3 out of 5

Back in 1980, I had to buy Dream after dream as a Japan import first which was a pretty expensive affair but as a huge Journey fan. I bought it without hesitating and not even listened to it in the record store. I was a bit disappointed when I got home just to hear the album was mostly filled with instrumental songs, but after a few days and few more spins I got to like it a bit more. Especially the songs with vocals from Steve Perry, "Little girl" is a true Journey-esque track that could´ve been featured on Departure and the 8 minute long "Destiny" is really cool too that sounds like a sister to 1981 b-side "La raza del sol". I´m sure the band had lots of fun while recording this movie soundtrack but it´s my least favorite record with Journey (the Perry era).

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