Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kiss - Unmasked

Kiss - Unmasked (1980) Casablanca Records
Produced by Vini Poncia
Tracks : 1.Is that you 2.Shandi 3.Talk to me 4.Naked city 5.What makes the world go round 6.Tomorrow 7.Two sides of the coin 8.She´s so European 9.Easy as it seems 10.Torpedo girl 11.You´re all that I want
4 out of 5

Kiss wanted to take off their make up for quite some time just to be recognized when they were out in public but their manager Bill Aucoin said no and when we thought we should see their actual faces on the album cover of "Unmasked", the band fooled us with yet another masked cover. The legend lives on! This album shows a band in crisis, Peter was leaving the band and they didn´t know which direction to take soundwise. Producer Vini Poncia gave them a slick production and looking back at the album today, Kiss really hates this album mostly because the demos were rocking much harder and the final result was a radio ready pop album.
They also scored a hit with "Shandi", this was also the 4th album in a row with a cover. Love Gun had "Then she kissed me", Alive II had "Anyway you want it", Dynasty had "2,000 man" and Unmasked had "Is that you" by Gerard MacMahon. Anton Fig who played on Dynasty also was hired to do the job for Unmasked, the drumming is exceptional! I think Ace contributed with top notch songs in "Torpedo girl", "Talk to me" and "Two sides of the coin". Gene co-wrote one of his best songs ever with Kulick/Poncia/Castroin "Naked city" and Paul showed once again he´s the master of melodies with brilliant songs like "Tomorrow", "Shandi" and "What makes the world go round". This is a really underrated album that beats the shit out of "Hot in the shade" and "Carnival of souls" anytime.

(published at melodic.net in 2011)

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