Thursday, July 18, 2013

Worthwhile - Carry on kid

Worthwhile - Carry on kid (2013) InVogue Records
Produced by Sam Pura
Tracks : 1.Evergreen 2.Homebuilder 3.Melody, save me 4.Full hands, empty hearts 5.Live for what lasts 6.1937 7.At seapoint 8.How do I look up to a man in the ground? 9.Vagrant 10.Unloveable 11.Messy masterpiece
2 out of 5

There is a song called "Melody" on California based hardcore band Worthwhile´s debut album "Carry on kid" but there isn´t much melody going on within these 11 tracks. The music is more about despair and expression of a lost generation of kids that against all odds, try to see a bright future ahead of them. Just like the album cover shows, the band truly nailed it there. The songs are Ramones-short, around 1-2 minutes long so this album is over before you know it. I have listened to it a few times and really want to understand their music but it just doesn´t get to me at all, perhaps I wasn´t in the right mood? However, the album ain´t bad - I do hear some bright moments like "Live for what lasts" and "Full hands, empty hearts". Plus thumbs up for the attack in the guitar riff on "Vagrant", that one makes me smile.

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