Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dave Martone / Glen Drover - Live at Metalworks

Dave Martone / Glen Drover - Live at Metalworks (2013) Magna Carta Records
Produced by Dave Martone / Glen Drover
Tracks : 1.The goodie squiggee song 2.Bossa dorado 3.Angel fish 4.The devil went down to Georgia 5.Got da blues 6.Dinky Pinky 7.Crush of love 8.Frozen dream 9.Illusions of starlight 10.Colours of infinity 11.Filthy habits 12.Ascension 13.Ground zero 14.Symphony of destruction
2,5 out of 5

The guitarists Dave Martone and Glen Drover´s performance at Metalworks from 2011, is released on CD & DVD in September. Although, I really liked their latest studio albums "Metalusion" by Drover (2011) and "Clean" by Martone (2008), I find this new release "Live at Metalworks" less inspiring.
It might seem strange since the major part of the setlist is built on both albums except for a few covers. Martone takes on the 70´s classic "The devil went down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels Band, a song you might have heard through Tenacious D´s biggest hit "Tribute song". However, I´m not as amazed to hear Martone´s live version than the band´s excitement to play it. The cover of Satriani´s "Crush of love" is a lot better but there´s a bit too much shredding going on in the song for me to jump high about it.
I like his own songs "Dinky Pinky" and "Angel fish" but really can´t stand the solo orgy in "Got da blues".
Drover´s set feels a little more interesting where Saga keyboardist Jim Gilmour is joining on stage, these live versions are heavier compared to the clean fusionrock on the studio album "Metalusion". You can tell, Drover´s been in Megadeth and he even pulls off a nice version of Mustaine and Co´s hit "Symphony of destruction" as an encore. This is a decent live album but far from a classic.

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