Friday, August 30, 2013

Shortcuts : Zebrahead , IAMEVE , One Days Notice

Zebrahead - Call your friends (2013)
I had no expectations at all regarding Zebrahead´s 10th album "Call your friends" but it´s my pleasure to announce that this is their best album since "Playmate of the year" from 2000. They sound hungry and has truly written some of their greatest songs on the new album, touring guitarist Dan Palmer of Death By Stereo is now a full member and deliver some amazing guitarplaying on these 14 tracks. If their previous releases can be compared to like driving a Volkswagen, the new album is a Ferrari. We´re talking explosive pop punk with superstrong line up of new Zebrahead classics such as "Public enemy number one", "I´m just here for the free beer" and "Murder on the airwaves". And I haven´t even mentioned the new single "Call your friends" or the crunchy opener "Sirens", well now I have. Hehe.
4 out of 5

IAMEVE - The everything nothing : Act 1 (2013)
You might have heard the song "To feel alive" from the Percy Jackson : Sea of Monsters Soundtrack by the upcoming star IAMEVE, with enchanting melodies and songstructures of mystique - IAMEVE´s first act of her 3 act albums makes an impressive start of a new song-stress that is here to stay. The opening track "Throw me a line" is perfect for your headphones with a massive soundscape of sci.-fi pop, the following "Another day" is a fave of mine where the song opens up completely halfway through the song. And if you don´t surrender to the brand new single "Red and black", you´re no fan of artpop because I hear Kate Bush and Marina & The Diamonds all over this awesome track.
3,5 out of 5

One Days Notice - When dinosaurs get drunk (2013)
It´s hard to really describe Ohio based One Days Notice´s music in one word because even if the major part is punkrock, the band is here to entertain us and could also be labeled as fun rock. The follow up to the debut EP "That´s what she said" from 2012, is called "When dinosaurs get drunk" where they worked with producers Ben Shigel and Jim Wirt. I think the mix could´ve been a bit better but there´s nothing wrong with the material on this album, they are experts of writing hooks if you look at songs like "Liar", "Coming home" and "Bye bye crazy". However, the best song is by far "Haha" that you can listen to on youtube. What a smash hit it is. For fans of Sugar Ray, Alien Ant Farm, The Offspring
3 out of 5

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