Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kathleen Haskard - Where the land meets the sky

Kathleen Haskard - Where the land meets the sky (2013) Independent
Produced by Chuck Prophet
Tracks : 1.I´ll be your fool 2.Untangle this thing 3.Drama in the dark 4.All your glory 5.Where the land meets the sky 6.Flyin´ blind 7.When I´m gone 8.Mother of Earth 9.Maquina 501 10.Please delete me
2,5 out of 5

London based singer/songwriter Kathleen Haskard had the honor of singing backing vocals in the choir on Neil Young´s "Living with war" album and Neil Young is also one of her biggest influences along with Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell. She has released 3 albums including the latest one "Where the land meets the sky" and according to Kathleen herself, she calls her music folk-noire. There´s definitely a lot of folkrock in her sound but in a bluesy way, plus you can add some Americana into the mix as well. She´s got a deep voice which you can hear in songs like "I´ll be your fool" and "All your glory". At times, her music bring thoughts to Tanita Tikaram but in a roots-rock flavored style. I do enjoy songs like "Drama in the dark" and "Please delete me" where Kathleen proves what a great lyricist she is but I think the entire album is too laid back.

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