Sunday, September 22, 2013

Shortcuts : Pi Jacobs , Atlanter , Handsome Foxes / Unifier

Pi Jacobs - Urbanicana (2013)
"Urbanicana" is a suitable title for Pi Jacobs 5th album, the music is straight forward roots rock with a touch of Americana and even some country on the side. She´s like a male Tom Petty in some moments but there are also songs where my thoughts go to Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt, she´s got a great voice that feels like blueberry pie with vanilla sauce. I checked out a few live clips on youtube and she sounds just as great live. I´m not fond of all 6 songs but I really dig "Kickaround", "Mrs Oneill" and "Trying to be loved". The last one was also featured in ABC´s hit show "Pretty little liars".
Fredo Ortiz of The Beastie Boys is playing drums on all songs which is cool so why not head on over to Spotify and taste some blueberry pi.
3 out of 5

Atlanter - Vidde (2013)
I was surprised to hear the sound of this album from Norwegian band Atlanter, being a listener to their debut album "Vidde" is like being a ball in a musical flipper game. You are thrown between varied styles like world music, delta blues and krautrock.
Their songs are both experimental and artsy but let me tell you, it may sound like a musical soup to your eyes but it works. The playing is excellent and the production is wonderful, I love the big bass not to mention the enchanting guitar licks.
This band definitely got a unique sound that can be described as mix between Talking Heads, Muddy Waters, Oingo Boingo with Robert Fripp on guitar. Start with the song "More juice than Zeus" and if you like that song, you´re ready for the rest.
3,5 out of 5

Handsome Foxes / Unifier - F+U (2013)
"F+U" is a new split EP from Autumn and Colour Records with the emo/alternative rock bands Handsome Foxes and Unifier. Both bands contribute with 3 new songs each where I dig Unifier a bit more, I really don´t like the production on Handsome Foxes 3 tracks because it´s a bit messy and too much garage-like punkish emo that is rather disturbing. However, Unifier feels more interesting with a sound influenced by Jimmy Eat World, Brand New and Foo Fighters. Their "Supernouveau" stand out here but I think "Masks" and "Settling" are quite okay too, thumbs up for the raw guitardriven sound on their 3 tracks. Perhaps I should check out their full length "Colorado" from 2013 which is available on bandcamp. But I will skip the "Don´t care" EP (2012) from Handsome Foxes.
2 out of 5

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