Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shortcuts : Save Your Breath , Anna Rose , Tigertailz

Save Your Breath - There used to be a place for us (2013)
Welsh pop punks Save Your Breath debuted with the solid album "Nothing worth having comes easy" in 2009, which was followed by the stronger "Vices" in 2011 and the latest release is the "Recover" EP (2012). Unfortunately, I haven´t heard it. However, fans will be pleased to hear their 4th release "There used to be a place for us" that will be out in October. The new album is filled with catchy and energetic pop punk in the same vein as "Vices". The first single "Lessons" is available as free download at their website, if you dig that tune, you´re in for a treat with the rest. 
This is their first international release and the question is -Are the Americans ready for Save Your Breath? Well, they´ve got the goods and pop punk is still big on the other side of the Atlantic.
I see no reason why they wouldn´t break through, songs like "Abandon", "Maps" and "Skin and bones" are enough infectious to end up on any mixtape.
For fans of Man Overboard, Paper Tigers, All Time Low
3,5 out of 5

Anna Rose - Behold a pale horse (2013)
New York based singer/songwriter Anna Rose grew up in a musical home, her father is Oscar winning Disney composer Alan Menken and she got inspiration from artists like The Rolling Stones, Chrissie Hynde, Little Feat and The Beatles. Her songs have roots in the tradition of 70´s singer/songwriters and blues. Although, she is proud over her first album "Nomad", Anna Rose feels "Behold a pale horse" is her real debut album where she has matured as a songwriter. Anna also believes the new album shows what kind of artist she is from a better side. I´m not all that fancy about her voice even though she´s a talented singer, I´m just not a fan of her voice. However, she does good on songs like "Beautiful world" and the rocker "Electric child". The best track is without doubt "Los Angeles", that´s the peak of the album. Recommended if you like Meredith Brooks, Sheryl Crow and Beth Hart.
2,5 out of 5

Tigertailz - Knives (2013)
Remember 80´s glam metal band Tigertailz? They´re still around alive and kicking but with only one original member left in the band. Lead guitarist Jay Pepper, who´s joined by long time drummer Matt Blackout and the two new members Jules Millis - Lead Vocals and Rob Wylde - Bass. The new "Knives" EP is their first release in 6 years and these guys still deliver 80´s glam metal with no elements at all of being modernized. Even though I think the new songs are hardly groundbreaking, the band still know how to entertain the listener. I do welcome these predictable sleazerock songs, it ain´t easy to write and record music that sounds like it could´ve been done in 1987. Listen to "One life" or "Bite the hand" and you´ll understand what I mean.  I like this.
3 out of 5

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