Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vicinity - Awakening

Vicinity - Awakening (2013) Pug-Nose Records
Produced by Vicinity / Jens Bogren
Tracks : 1.Mass delusion 2.Opportunities lost 3.Across the river 4.Walk all the way 5.The time for change 6.Awakening
3,5 out of 5

I remember reviewing Norwegian band Vicinity´s first EP "Diffusion of innovation" from 2008, that they had some great ideas but needed to work on their performance. Well, I can tell you that these guys from Trondheim did their homework from start to finish. The band sound really tight and the vocal performance is much better from Alexander Lykke, the songs are stronger where the 15 minute long "Opportunities lost" is a real joy to hear but it´s hardly the best song here. The new single "Mass delusion" is splendid all through while "Across the river" is old school prog deluxe, amazing stuff. Another highlight is the more modern progmetal of "Walk all the way" where they show what great musicians they are.
They sound a bit like Sieges Even meets Fates Warning with a touch of Marillion.

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