Friday, November 8, 2013

Chronos Zero - A prelude into emptiness, the tears path

Chronos Zero - A prelude into emptiness, the tears path (2013) Bakerteam Records
Produced by Simone Mularoni
Tracks : 1.Spires 2.Breath of chaos 3.Shadow´s lair 4.Lost hope, new hope Pt 1 5.Lost hope, new hope Pt 2 6.The creation 7.Sigh of damnation 8.Hearts into darkness 9.At the gates of time 10.Sorrowful fate
3 out of 5

If the debut from Italian band Chronos Zero was a book, it would have been written by H.P Lovecraft. "A prelude into emptiness, the tears path" has a bit of everything from horror to fantasy and dream-like sequences. And like the movies based on Lovecraft´s books, the music in this album really has a lot to offer. I discover new things every time I listen to "A prelude into emptiness", it´s bombastic where the band deliver excellent musicianship.
They call their music extreme progressive metal and I agree, the songs are most often eventful but perhaps a bit lengthy as well. The tracks that stand out are "Breath of chaos", "Lost hope, new hope Pt 2" and "At the gates of time".
Recommended if you like Opeth, Division by zero, Ram-Zet.

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