Saturday, November 30, 2013

Filter - The sun comes out tonight

Filter - The sun comes out tonight (2013) Wind Up Records
Produced by Bob Marlette / Richard Patrick
Tracks : 1.We hate it when you get what you want 2.What do you say 3.Surprise 4.Watch the sun come out tonight 5.It´s got to be right now 6.This finger´s for you 7.Self inflicted 8.First you break it 9.Burn it 10.Take that knife out of my back 11.It´s my time 12.It´s just you
4 out of 5

Welcome to the fold! One of the best modern riffs ever written, taken from "Title of record" (1999).
Here´s Filter and 14 years later.........
Their 6th album "The sun comes out tonight" marks the return of producer Bob Marlette who also produced the previous "The trouble with angels" (2010) and he´s back like a true hero for Filter´s best album since "The Amalgamut" from 2002.
The new album is also a better seller than "The trouble with angels" but it´s no way near the 2 million sold copies of the 90´s albums "Short bus" and "Title of record", but I guess it´s almost impossible in these Spotify times to sell million records. Well if you´re not called One Direction that is.
I think "The sun comes out tonight" reminds a lot of "The amalgamut" which pleases me a lot since it´s my favorite Filter record, here we get fantastic new songs like "We hate it when you get what you want", "Surprise" and "Self inflicted".
We have to thank Richard Patrick´s new songwriting partner and guitarist Jonny Radtke (ex.Kill Hannah) for the wonderful songs on the new album, he´s got a big part of this success.
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