Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lisa Lim - Lisa Lim

Lisa Lim - Lisa Lim (2013) Spin Dog Records
Produced by Thomas Johansen
Tracks : 1.Superstitious mind 2.My perfect world 3.Broken promise blues 4.Distant second 5.Perfect fit 6.Denial 7.Please, please don´t go 8.I got you 9.Our river 10.Letter 11.Let go 12.Manic energy
3,5 out of 5

I love women that rock, there are too many Rihanna copies coming up around the world and the music business needs ladies with guitars instead of half nude women showing their butts all the time. Virginia based rocker Lisa Lim isn´t interested at all in making shallow MTV pop, her songs have depth and even more important - they´re performed by real musicians.
You can´t beat the feeling of hearing a band play and Lisa is treating her guitar like a baby, with tender and care. She´s got the same feeling as Orianthi when she plays and her voice reminds a bit of Lita Ford and Joan Jett at times.
The music can be described as Joe Bonamassa meets Procol Harum with a touch of The Creeps and ohyes, I like it!
Highlights : Letter, Please please don´t go, Superstitious mind

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