Friday, November 22, 2013

The Nutopians - Lennon Re-Imagined

The Nutopians - Lennon Re-Imagined (2013) Red Engine Records
Produced by Tom Dean / Rex Fowler
Tracks : 1.You´re gonna lose that girl 2.No reply 3.Beautiful boy 4.Dear Prudence 5.Instant karma 6.Cry baby cry / Bungalow Bill 7.I´ll be back 8.And your bird can sing 9.Revolution 10.If I fell 11.Please, please me / It won´t be long 12.Love / Oh my love 13.All you need is love
3 out of 5

"Lennon Re-Imagined" is the 2nd album from Tom Dean and Rex Fowler´s Lennon tribute band where they cover John Lennon songs, the first album "Lennon Imagined" was released as The John Lennon Song Project but Yoko Ono suggested they should call themselves Nutopians.
I did enjoy the first album and the new one ain´t any different, Dean and Fowler´s band pull off some really nice folk rock versions of Lennon´s classic tunes. I´m glad they not only perform the most popular Beatles hits but also pick a few lesser known songs too, just like the setlist on the first album. I listened to "Re-Imagined"all day at work and I must say that the day passed by really fast.
Thumbs up for their cool covers of "Instant karma", "You´re gonna lose that girl", "Cry baby cry / Bungalow Bill" and "Dear Prudence".
This is music for comfy moments.

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