Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Wyld - Abstract

The Wyld - Abstract (2013) Independent
Produced by The Wyld
Tracks : 1.Odyssey 2.Always on the run 3.Confusion 4.Wake up 5.Walk away 6.Revolution
2,5 out of 5

The members of the New Zealand based trio The Wyld comes from three different parts of the world with rapper Mo Kheir from Sudan, singer Brandon Black from USA and guitarist Joe Pascoe from New Zealand. They combine their musical backgrounds of hip hop, kiwi rock and electronica that sounds like Beck meets Fugees with traces of Gorillaz. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn´t.
Their new "Abstract" EP is uneven but there are a couple of great songs on it such as "Odyssey" and "Revolution", I love the chorus of "Odyssey" plus Pascoe´s Sting-like vocals on "Revolution" is very cool.
Also available if you´re interested in this band, the 2012 album "Preface".
For fans of Outlandish, Kevin Rudolf, Crazy Town.

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