Monday, December 2, 2013

Black Birds - Falling in waves

Black Birds - Falling in waves (2013) Hindsight Records
Produced by Laurie McCallum / Black Birds
Tracks : 1.Falling in waves 2.Minds 3.Maya 4.Come back to Earth 5.Colours
3 out of 5

Black Birds are a trio from Perth, Australia. "Falling in waves" is their 2nd EP and follow up to the self titled EP released in 2011, I must say that I find their music rather inspiring with emotions all from a warm summer sun to dark stormclouds on the ocean. This is the kind of band you hardly ever find on a major label mainly because they´ve got artistic freedom and aren´t caught in the mainstream.
Imagine a mix of space rock influenced stoner riffs and experimental hardcore, the melodic kind not far from Cave In plus an injection of CKY into it and you´ll have "Falling in waves".
At times, I believe this is how Manic Street Preachers would´ve sounded like if they had existed in 1973.
Me likey!

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