Saturday, December 14, 2013

Evergreen Terrace - Dead horses

Evergreen Terrace - Dead horses (2013) Rise Records
Produced by Stan Martell
Tracks : 1.Crows 2.When you´re born in the gutter, you end up in the port 3.Post satanic ritual baby 4.Dead horses 5.Browbeaters anonymous 6.It´s all over but the cryin´ 7.Lacuna inc 8.Mike Myers never runs but he always catches up 9.The fortunate ones 10.That dog I´ll hunt
3 out of 5

The Florida based Evergreen Terrace has been around since 1999 and created a loyal fanbase through a lot of hard work touring and has released 6 albums up to date. You can catch them on tour this winter with Suicial Tendencies and I bet they´re a great live act because there´s a lot of energy in these new songs on "Dead horses".
I think it´s smart to blend melodic hardcore with metal and punk, you get everything from furious riffs to singalong choruses in the best Bad Religion style. I imagine bands like I Am War and Captain We´re Sinking must be influenced by Evergreen Terrace, these dead horses are very much alive and kicking. Take a moment and listen to the catchy "Post satanic ritual baby" or the monumental "The fortunate ones", or why not the awesome title track.
Solid album!

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