Saturday, December 28, 2013

Global Unified - Global Unified

Global Unified - Global Unified (2013) Independent
Produced by Frank Hopkinton
Tracks : 1.If I were a drone 2.When I was a young boy 3.I won´t feel a thing 4.The joke is on me 5.Desert soliloqoy 6.Enemies list 7.Disposition Matrix 8.Hypercyclic 9.Globalist death camp 10.Go anywhere 11.Secret listening machine 12.Unlucky strike 13.In my sleep 14.Stellar wind 15.Keep the fires lit 16.Drones at the gates of dawn 17.Achilles 18.Shockwave 19.I could have been
3,5 out of 5

A mysterious package with a CD and an interesting story dropped in my mailbox the week before Christmas, I listened to it and thought it was unique enough to end up as the last album of the week on my blog. Global Unified is a concept album with a sci-fi/war story that sounds like it could result in a great film. I don´t have much info regarding credits except one name, Frank Hopkinton. So I guess he´s the man behind this 19 track album.
He has listed artists like Urge Overkill, David Bowie, Police, Neil Young and Dinosaur Jr as influences for the music on Global Unified and even I can´t really compare these songs to the artists above, I do think the sound on this album has traces of the genres they represent like new wave, space rock, 90´s alternative rock and 70´s classic rock.
Imagine Matthew Good writing songs with Larry Gowan and Wishbone Ash as the backing band and you´ll get Global Unified.
I like this a lot!

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