Monday, December 16, 2013

Red - Release the panic

Red - Release the panic (2013) Essential / Sony Music
Produced by Howard Benson
Tracks : 1.Release the panic 2.Perfect life 3.Die for you 4.Damage 5.Same disease 6.Hold me now 7.If we only 8.So far away 9.Glass house 10.The moment we come alive 11.Love will leave a mark 12.As you go
3 out of 5

I was a bit disappointed with Red´s previous album "Until we have faces" from 2011, although it was a good album - I thought they did the same album over and over again.
But things change, the orchestral parts has been replaced by a more industrial flavored sound on their 4th album "Release the panic" that came out earlier this year.
Their bombastic and orchestral rock has influenced bands like Skillet, Wavorly and Les Friction so it´s kind of interesting that Red are stepping away from their trademark now.
The new album feels heavier too, you can of course sense the good old Red style in songs like "If we only" and "Glass house".
This is also the first time they work with another producer than Rob Graves who did the first 3 albums, the very successful Howard Benson has taken over the steering wheel on "Release the panic" and he has done a well respected job for sure. I do welcome the evolution of sound but these new songs just don´t give the goosebumps that the first two albums did.
Still I believe the band is more than pleased with the sales since the album reached #7 on the Billboard Top 200, and one more thing.......don´t you think Red sound a bit like Three Days Grace now?

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