Thursday, December 12, 2013

Remains in a view - Elegies

Remains in a view - Elegies (2013) Memorial Records
Produced by Remains in a view
Tracks : 1.The void 2.Shipwreck of existence 3.So far from the truth 4.Crossing the line 5.As moments becomes memories 6.Sleepwalker blues 7.Left undone 8.Travelers 9.The deepest black
2,5 out of 5

The Italians Remains in a view are influenced by bands in the modern metal genre such as Texas in July, Miss May I and As I Lay Dying. Their debut album "Elegies" is an explosive affair of classic heavy metal riffs and screamo flavored growl vocals, at first I thought it was a monotone album but after a few spins I could seperate the nuances of melodic metal from this doom-like soundscape. In fact, I find the hard hitting "Crossing the line" very, very good and also appreciate the instrumental "Sleepwalker blues" a lot.
But there´s a problem with their frontman that insists on hitting the same note on the major part of these songs, and that´s not a good thing when it´s about screamo all the way through.
Wanted - more variety!

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