Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Adrian and The Sickness - Be your own saviour

Adrian and The Sickness - Be your own saviour (2014) Independent
Produced by Adrian Conner
Tracks : 1.Blue space 2.We got it all 3.Take the world 4.Tightropes ´n taboos final 5.Dark force 6.Hold please 7.We were good 8.Can´t breathe 9.In my hands 10.Turn off your TV
3,5 out of 5

Adrian and The Sickness is a powertrio fronted by Texas rocker Adrian Conner on lead guitar and vocals, she is also the lead guitarist in the AC/DC tribute band Hell´s Belles.
Adrian is hardly a newcomer when it comes to releasing albums, "Be your saviour" is her 5th full length album and she knows how to rock.
But what I like more about her new album is the fact that she deliver her songs with a crossover of genres such as pop, 90´s alternative rock and classic rock. Among her influences we find AC/DC of course, but also The Donnas, Led Zeppelin and Prince.
Adrian is like a female Danko Jones, we´re talking no frills rocknroll here that also bring thoughts to 4 Non Blondes and Sammy Hagar. I get only positive vibes from hearing this album and love her songwriting, just listen to songs like "Take the world", "We got it all" or "In my hands" and you´ll be a fan too.

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