Saturday, January 18, 2014

Black Space Riders - D:REI

Black Space Riders - D:REI (2014) BSR / Cargo Records
Produced by Black Space Riders
Tracks : 1.Stare at the water 2.Bang boom war 3.Rising from the ashes of our world 4.Give gravitation to the people 5.Way to me 6.Temper is rising 7.The GOD-survivor 8.I see 9.Leave 10.Space angel 11.Major Tom Waits 12.Letter to a young one 13.The everlasting circle of infinity
3 out of 5

If you read this bandname quickly, you might think it´s Scott Gorham´s Black Star Riders but this is a completely different band with another sound far from Thin Lizzy-esque songs.
The extraterrestrial heavy rockers Black Space Riders deliver fuzz guitars and stoner rock riffs in a space suit. Influenced by bands like Blue Oyster Cult, Hawkwind and Kyuss.
Especially the title of their 2nd album "Light is the new black" bring thoughts to Blue Oyster Cult but let´s go forward to their 3rd album "D:REI" which comes out early 2014, we get an analog sounding production that I welcome but most songs are lenghty around 6-7 minutes and then it feels like the riffs goes on repeat which is a shame.
This German band got lots of cool ideas and songstructures so they always maintain a certain focus that keeps me interested in each song, my favorites are "Temper is rising" and "The GOD-survivor".
"D:REI" is a good album without doubt and it should be the soundtrack to the film Gravity starring George Clooney.

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