Friday, January 31, 2014

Carpark North - Phoenix

Carpark North - Phoenix (2014) Copenhagen Records
Produced by Carpark North
Tracks : 1.Intro 2.Phoenix 3.32 4.Renegade 5.Just like me 6.You´re my fire 7.Better off alone 8.I walk on 9.Copenhagen 10.Army of open arms 11.One to breathe for 12.Brothers
4 out of 5

This is torture from Danish electro rockers Carpark North to let us keep waiting almost 6 years for a new studio album, "Phoenix" is the first album to contain all new songs since "Grateful" from 2008. I sure do love their remix album "Lost" and the greatest hits/live album "Best days" from 2010 but in the end, all we want is new music and here we are.
This time around, Carpark North turned to Michael Ilbert to mix their new album for a trendy sound that will work in 2014. Michael has worked with Katy Perry, Tyler Swift, Ke$ha etc so you get the idea in what direction these Danes wanted to take their new album.
But don´t worry if you´re a huge fan of their previous work, because they´re still kings of electro rock and they line up the choruses in an Olympic style. It´s just "You´re my fire" with rap from Nik & Jay that I don´t fancy that much, songs like "Copenhagen", "Phoenix", "Army of open arms" and "32" will make their fans sleep well at night from now on.

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