Sunday, January 26, 2014

Drawers - Drawers

Drawers - Drawers (2014) Kaotoxin Records
Produced by Drawers
Tracks : 1.Once and for all 2.Mourning 3.It´s all about love 4.Bleak 5.Take stock 6.Shadow dancers 7.Words 8.Detour
3 out of 5

When I see the name Toulouse I come to think of the punk classic "Goodbye Toulouse" by The Stranglers, but Toulouse is also the hometown for brutal metal band Drawers.
These French men are going totally berserk on their new self titled album, but it´s a controlled chaos.
Drawers are like an unstoppable force, filling up every hole in the street with cement of metal, punk and hardcore. Imagine Helmet meets Motorhead, well something like that.
This is the kind of music that you can scare impolite kids with, Justin Bieber would probably be shitting his pants from songs like "Mourning" and "Shadow dancers".
Also available : This is oil (2008), All is one (2011)

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