Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ethersens - Your wandering ghost

Ethersens - Your wandering ghost (2014) Scarlet Records
Produced by Julien Soula
Tracks : 1.Two for one mind 2.Same goodbye 3.This is where you and I part ways 4.Livin´ memory 5.Mourning light 6.Reflect 7.Waking disorder 8.To live is to forget
4 out of 5

Mayday, mayday! The Earth is out of orbit and on a collision course with the sun, a space ark has been built the save a remnant of all animals and then leave for the nearest solar system.
Well, let´s hope this will only stay at fiction but the French avantgarde metal band Ethersens has created an album that sounds like the soundtrack to this epic adventure.
They deliver a wall of sound with clever guitar riffs and above all, excellent musicianship. "Your wandering ghost" is filled with so much depth and interesting songstructures, that fans of Tool and Karnivool will be more than pleased to sink their teeth into it.
I love all 8 tracks but at this moment, the songs "Two for one mind" and "Livin´ memory" are a little more dear to me.

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