Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Feel the Rager Blaze coming

Modern grooves edged by the vintage Hard Rock is what the Rager Blaze is about. Founded by Ehsan Imani, who enrolled at the Berklee College Of Music online and been working with several international musicians and have been learning advanced guitar techniques from Paul Wardingham, Rager Blaze is gonna roll into a new realm of Heavy Rock genre, offering new and improved styles of modern hard rock music.
Released January 2014.
1. Fly So High
2. Show Me That You're Awake
3. Rager Blaze 
4. Into Now
5. Don't You Wanna Shout 
6. Can't Wander Off
7. Blue Flames 
8. Break It Down 
9. Shine 
10. Fight So Bright (Ft. Amin Yahyazadeh) 

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