Saturday, January 4, 2014

Knowing2Fly - Here on my feet

Knowing2Fly - Here on my feet (2014) Bakerteam Records
Produced by Knowing2Fly
Tracks : 1.3.2 2.Burn this rock 3.Point of no return 4.My demons 5.Hidden by you 6.You are your only bystander 7.Drag me to hell Part 1 8.Drag me to hell Part 2 9.Unhitch 10.Specular twin diadems 11.Sun reader 12.Soothin´ myself 13.Unwise
2 out of 5

The Italian band Knowing2Fly debuted with a self titled EP in 2009 and in February this year, their debut full length will be released. It´s a 13 track affair of rock/metal/punk in the same vein as Danzig, D.A.D, Henry Rollins Band even a touch of French rock band Trust.
I´m not entirely impressed by the whole album but there are a few good songs on it such as "Hidden by you", "Soothin´ myself" and "Unhitch".
I like their energy but I´m not a big fan of their singer Alessandro Crippa, his voice gets a bit annoying after a while. Perhaps they should get another frontman?
Thumbs up though for the variation in the music, it´s much appreciated.

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