Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nest - Hadal

Nest - Hadal (2014) Broken Circle Records
Produced by Nest
Tracks : 1.Father Adder 2.A moving swamp 3.Stairs, stares 4.Larnia 5.Hands in a hole
3,5 out of 5

The odds can´t be high for a band from Nashville, to be influenced by country music but the members of Nest went against all odds and took their biggest inspiration from a band all the way from Denmark. Namely, Mew. But also American alternative rock bands such as Brand New and Balance & Composure. I haven´t heard their debut EP from 2012 but I find their new "Hadal" EP very interesting and quite colorful, listening to these songs can be described as being in a bright cave and hear the water drop from the cave ceiling spikes.
Nest are a bit artsy and I like it, this is the kind of atmospheric rock I can´t get enough of.

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