Friday, January 31, 2014

Qui - Life, water, living

Qui - Life, water, living (2014) ORG Music
Produced by Toshi Kasai / Dale Crover
Tracks : 1.Kicked out of Mime college 2.Life, water, living 3.Mucho sex in America 4.Awkward human interest 5.You´re a girl 6.Boogie down disappointment 7.Whateryadoin´ 8.Songbirds 9.Proof of bass 10.The kind of Jazz this is 11.Ham spray
3 out of 5

Imagine being inside Stanley Kubrick´s head while he´s watching a painting by Andy Warhol, that´s how it feels like listening to Qui´s new album "Life, water, living".
Their sound is made up of a crossover of genres such as radical rock and art-punk, where the influences very well could be Talking Heads and Frank Zappa. Qui has released two albums earlier with The Jesus Lizard singer David Yow on the 2007 album "Love´s miracle", but reunited with The Jesus Lizard in 2010 so Paul Christensen - Drums/Vocals and Matt Crank - Guitar/Vocals are back as a duo just like the first album "Baby kisses" (2003).
I wasn´t much of a fan of their new album at first but I truly dig this band´s non compromising style, it helps to be a fan of bands like Devo and Green Jelly.
Best track - Mucho sex in America.

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