Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scoti Slate - Good fight

Scoti Slate - Good fight (2013) Brightlife Music
Produced by Joshua Rumer
Tracks : 1.Good fight 2.Do ya? 3.Sprockets 4.Brightlife 5.Little head Fred 6.G.ON.G 7.Fanatic 8.What if 9.Dirty birdy 10.Magic number 11.Any via nowhere 12.Twilight zone
3,5 out of 5

13 years ago when I started writing reviews, I most often received CD`s from labels and artists. Nowadays, it has changed to links to stream or download the music but once in a while I still get a physical CD like in this case with Scoti Slate´s debut album "Good fight".
And what a great CD it is, featuring Aaron Scoti - Vocals, Lars Slate - Guitar, Gregg Cash - Bass and Derek E Upton - Drums. They have taken their influences of Queen, Prince, David Bowie and Led Zeppelin and put it into a big blender where the result can be described as groovy 70´s guitar rock with 80´s choruses. Imagine Stevie Salas Colorcode mixed with The Trews and INXS, we even get a cool cover of Golden Earring´s "Twilight zone" but the best tracks are their own compositions "Brightlife" and "Little head Fred".
I like this a lot.

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