Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shatterproof - Discord harmony

Shatterproof - Discord harmony (2014) Independent
Produced by Andrew Berlin
Tracks : 1.Sticks and stones 2.To the grave 3.October 4.Expectations 5.TV dinners
3 out of 5

If you care about pop punk flavored modern rock with a violin player, then you should check out Colorado based Shatterproof´s new "Discord harmony" EP.
Their debut "Running in circles" was released in 2012 and now the 5 piece rock band deliver this 5 track EP that sounds like Yellowcard meets Between The Trees with a touch of Carbondale.
I´m kinda weak for violin oriented rock since I´m a huge fan of Kansas and U.K, well Shatterproof ain´t that progressive but they´re a bit artsy which is cool.
The only thing missing with this EP is a track that stands out but on the other hand, there are no fillers either.

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