Monday, January 27, 2014

Ulrik Arturén - Watch my show

Ulrik Arturén - Watch my show (2014) Paraply Records
Produced by Ulrik Arturén
Tracks : 1.Watch my show 2.Sand in your hand 3.Is it love you´re after 4.Welcome my friend
4 out of 5

I must say that it´s rare these days to stumble on a new release within pomp oriented westcoast music but Swedish artist Ulrik Arturén has created an impressive EP of 70´s pomp and 80´s westcoast.
Ulrik has performed with artists like Tommy Nilsson, Magnus Uggla, Jerry Williams, Jan Johansen and many more. But at the age of 50, he wanted to stand on his own feet and record "Watch my show" that is inspired by his favorite artists. And what a great result it is, the pompous title track bring thoughts to Kerry Livgren´s A.D while "Sand in your hand" and "Is it love you´re after" are classy westcoast songs in the same vein as Diamond in the Rough and T´Bell.
The ballad "Welcome my friend" sounds like it could´ve been featured on an album with Frank Ådahl, I like the gospel vibe of this beautiful song.
I hope Ulrik doesn´t settle with just this EP and instead give us a LP soon.

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