Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Balance Between - Negative space

A Balance Between - Negative space (2014) Broken English Records
Produced by John Nacliero
Tracks : 1.Your own hell 2.Stale hearts sway 3.Reaching out 4.The ruse 5.Ocean 6.Negative space
3,5 out of 5

In a time when producer Brian McTernan was involved in the best alternative rock albums around 2004-2008, the New Jersey based rock band A Balance Between´s new EP sounds like it´s been locked inside a vault and taken out now to remind us how great this era was.
I´m thinking of bands like Moments in Grace, Thrice, Moneen, Circa Survive etc. Producer John Nacliero (Autopilot off, The Audition) has created a crispy and luxurious sound worthy the name of McTernan, it´s like the powerful riffs has been cut in diamond and the hooks carved in stone for the afterworld. So A Balance Between are retro, so what?
That distorted bass on the title track "Negative space" gets my heart pumping in no time.

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