Thursday, February 6, 2014

A life exceptional for Craving Strange

Who the F' is Craving Strange?  
A rock and roll band from Amityville, NY mixing the aggressiveness of bands like Guns n Roses with the pop and melodic sense of Foo Fighters? Is it the band with the hilarious video of their remake of Britney Spears' "Hold it against me"
The year is 2014 and Craving Strange is releasing their 2nd full length album "A Life Exceptional". An evolution of a band and a sound, members Jimmy G (vocals/guitar), Tommy Balls (bass), Jimi Tassone (drums), and Matt Abbate (guitar) have taken the experience and lessons learned from 4 years of touring, writing, living, struggle, loss, success, and opportunity to create an album that represents the bands' energy, drive, and contagious attitude that life is yours for the taking; never settle, never give in. An album that shows that Craving Strange has the ability to effect and touch listeners not only as the live band you need to see, but with the album you need to own. R A V I N G S T R A N G E

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