Friday, February 7, 2014

A.C.T - Circus pandemonium

A.C.T - Circus pandemonium (2014) Marquee Avalon Records
Produced by A.C.T
Tracks : 1.Intro 2.The end 3.Everything´s falling 4.Manager´s wish 5.A truly gifted man 6.Presentation 7.Look at the freak 8.Argument 9.Confrontation 10.A mother´s love 11.The funniest man alive 12.Scared 13.A failed escape attempt 14.Lady in white 15.Freak of nature
4,5 out of 5

Silence was a convenient title for A.C.T´s previous album from 2006 because then there was eh....silence around this amazing band, well if you ask me - I thought there would be no more music from these guys but here we are with a brand new album called "Circus pandemonium".
And just like their concept album "Last epic" (2003) which told the story about a building of apartments, the band now deliver a new concept album about a circus at the turn of the 20th century.
From what I´ve read, I also believe the booklet will be awesome because at this moment, all I have is the advance cd.
I´m glad to say the band sound inspired and adventurous again, even if their previous album "Silence" was good and I got the feeling the band was running on empty with no more fresh ideas to keep the listener in a surprise mood.
A.C.T has recharged the batteries and now give us an album of splendour where the fans are in for a treat with progrock extravaganza, the classic A.C.T sound has returned and a tear almost fall from my eyes when I hear the fruitful "A truly gifted man".
"Look at the freak" is the best song Sparks never wrote back in the 70´s, this band truly has a unique sound of artpop and progrock that is built on love for their heroes such as It Bites, Big Money, E.L.O, 10cc etc.
The majestic "A mother´s love" is one of the best songs I´ve heard from this band, in fact their new album is perhaps their strongest so far.
If the Swedish music industry drives a Lada in 2014, then A.C.T drives a Rolls Royce!

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