Thursday, February 27, 2014

Before The Murder - Dharma

Before The Murder - Dharma (2013) 10th Legions Records
Produced by Before The Murder
Tracks : 1.Intro 2.The beginning 3.Leaving town 4.The teacher 5.Adieu! 6.Always present 7.The old wise man 8.Modern life disease 9.Everything went black 10.The answer within 11.Coming home
2 out of 5

I get the feeling Slovenian hardcore band Before The Murder write songs about an age of decadence, we´re talking modern metal flavored hardcore with screamo vocals full of despair and anger here.
There´s no denying in the band´s capability of energy and tightness but the lack of memorable songs makes this album difficult to get into, only "The teacher", "Coming home" and "Everything went black" stand out as something extra. Increase the volume to the supermelodic "Coming home", because this one rocks!
For fans of Dayseeker, The Acacia Strain, Famous Last Words.

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