Saturday, February 15, 2014

Brian Vodinh - Little mirrors

Brian Vodinh - Little mirrors (2014) 578 Music
Produced by Brian Vodinh
Tracks : 1.Blood red sky 2.And the beat goes... 3.The comedown 4.Transfusion 5.Meet my ghost 6.Far away from here
3,5 out of 5

Brian Vodinh is a multi instrumentalist and also the drummer for 10 Years, his debut EP is a collection of songs written over the last year that certainly don´t fit in with his band´s sound.
Vodinh´s songs on "Little mirrors" aren´t as dark and progressive as 10 Years but they are still rock oriented and he truly shows what a talented songwriter he is with mighty fine tunes like "Blood red sky", "Meet my ghost" and "And the beat goes...".
This is without doubt a great start if Vodinh would pursue a solo career, my thoughts go to bands like Blue October and Crash Karma while listening to these 6 tracks.
"Little mirrors" brings hope in a computerized music business.

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