Saturday, February 1, 2014

Buho - Buho

Buho - Buho (2014) Crowquill Records
Produced by Buho / Roland Delacruz
Tracks : 1.Endless/Blur 2.Night clinics
2 out of 5

Buho is a trio from San Antonio, Texas. Featuring Brad Angotti - Vocals/Guitar, Andrew Elizalde - Bass and Mauricio Gudino Jr - Drums, influenced by bands like Sparta, At the drive in and Failure.
Their new 2 track single contains a chaotic mix of noise, indie rock and post-punk. This is what you get if you let mentally sick people work in a steel mill, imagine One flew over the cuckoo´s nest meets Clockwork orange and you will get the soundtrack in songs like "Night clinics" and "Endless/Blur".
I can hear the beauty here, beneath all the layers of noise but I´m afraid the noise wins in the end and takes over the small amount of melody we get.

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