Friday, February 7, 2014

Craving Strange - A life exceptional

Craving Strange - A life exceptional (2014) Horian Records
Produced by Jimi Tassone / Rob Jacobs
Tracks : 1.Dirty rock 2.Your last day alive 3.Here & gone 4.A life exceptional 5.Do you remember 6.Break the skin 7.More than myself 8.Denial 9.Incomplete 10.Would you do the same 11.Angeline 12.Breathe 13.Your last day alive (clean)
2,5 out of 5

At last, I finally get connect something else to Amityville than the classic horror movie The Amityville Horror from 1979. It´s also the hometown for rock band Craving Strange with 2 albums released, including their new one "A life exceptional". They are influenced by 80´s rock and modern rock, like a mix between Firehouse and a light version of Buckcherry.
I think the production on their new album could´ve needed a little more edge, but it´s not always easy if you have a limited budget to record with.
They are decent songwriters where songs like "Here & gone" and "Angeline" stand out, the first one is a great rock ballad. The guitar intro of "Do you remember" bring thoughts to Nightranger´s "Don´t tell me you love me" which must be flattering for Jack Blades and Co.
The chorus of "Denial" is pretty good too so there are some sunny moments on this record.

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